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How to make Spaghettieis (Spaghetti Ice Cream)

This weekend I was trying to think of the things I love about Germany in the summertime. I mean, beyond getting all of May off because of a succession of legal holidays based on some guy known as Jesus. And then getting all of August off because that’s what Europe does.

The answer: Ice cream. In America, ice cream is all about quantity. One scoop is a meal and two will feed a family of four for a week. And it costs accordingly.

But in Germany, you have Eisdielen (ice cream stores) where you get a single Kugel for (scoop) for about $1 and it’s enough ice cream to enjoy but not make you think you have to go to confession (even if you’re not Catholic). Germans only get two scoops on special occasions, like getting married or winning a Nobel Prize.

But they also have Eiscafes (ice cream cafes), which are like every other German cafe with coffee and cakes but also one of the most important publications of a German’s childhood: The Eiskarte (ice cream menu). The Eiskarte is full of frozen creations that involve several scoops of ice and cream and about anything else you can add to ice cream.

The Eiskarte is so creative, it’s subdivided into categories such as “tropical”, “alcoholic” and “brittle” with half a dozen items in each. But I’ve never been interested in any of those. Any time I’m confronted with an unfamiliar Eiskarte I quickly scan it until I find one of Germany’s most fantastical inventions: Spaghettieis (spaghetti ice cream).

And then I order it.

So this weekend, we went to the grocery store and got all the ingredients and, for the first time ever, made Spaghettieis.

And filmed it. And you can watch it (above).

Enjoy (we did).




  1. I’m kinda proud that I seem to be your first subscriber and the first one to “like” the video. From my Eisdielen I know Spagetthieis with coconut flakes instead of white chocolate as parmesan, but I think your version is tastier.

    • Drew Portnoy Drew Portnoy

      I’m proud too! Coconut sounds like the adult version. Like you have to show an ID to get that Eiskarte.

  2. ohhhh, sheer awesomeness;) i’m impressed by all that videoediting…
    greetings nina

  3. Manjapenny Manjapenny

    Mhh. Ist schon lange auf meiner Liste! Ob das klappt in Afrika? Bestimmt. Talentierte Familie. Weiter so.

  4. […] As the weather gets warmer and Germans tire of Spargel, their fancy will soon turn to sunbathing and ice cream. A blog post on the best kind of ice cream in Germany — Spaghettieis! Complete with a how-to video  here. […]

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